Adidas Football ACE17 Blue Blast Pack

With the football season about to KO, new colourway & silo’s continue to drop every week. Adidas Football are no different dropping the new ACE17 ‘Blue Blast” Pack in three versions: Stadium, Cage and Street. Allowing you to seamlessly move on any surface you end up on.

With the Blue Blast collection a predominately blue colourway (obviously) with black secondary and fluro pink outlines around three stripes and tongue.

The all-new Purecut Sock System. Designed to provide an optimal fit, the highly stretchable material helps lock the foot in place while adjusting to even the most complex movements. It features a 360 degree fully PRIMEKNIT upper to ensure zero wear-in time is required and is protected by an ultra-thin Non -Stop Grip (NSG) film to provide increased levels of grip. With this, the player fits snuggly into the boot, something a few designs have moved into in 2017. The ankle support is something you love or just don’t feel comfortable in. If you’re like myself it make take some time to get used to this as I have sprained my ankle 17000 times, so the size of my ankle is not the easiest of things to get in these boots.

Another innovative design feature is the inclusion of Adidas’ industry-defining BOOST technology, seen in the sole. Boost tech is something you instantly feel a cushioning like never before, now in the sole of your boots its next level. There is no difference in the collar upper construction than the pro model, so the only difference to you and Ozil/Pogba is your just not on their level on the pitch.

A boot that puts you in the shoes of the pro’s, capturing the attention of the opposition. Now its your choice to whether you can live up to the hype.