Beyond The 90: A documentary series created by LOCALFC for the PFA. To uncover the real side of professional footballers. Their thoughts, aspirations, and fears. REAL TALK. LOCALFC x Caitlin Foord:A behind the scenes look at one of Australia’s leading footballers. The Matilda’s superstar confides in LOCALFC as to why she trains when no one is watching and her desire to be part of the best women’s National Team in the world.

This is why I created LOCALFC, real talk and real thoughts from today’s professional footballers. Honest, passionate and inspirational. I am honored and feel obliged to my fellow peers who know they can open up to me and be themselves. A lot of what we talk about stays between us and is private, but the snapshots you get are the players at their most raw. Allowing you to see them outside of the pitch and who they actually are.

I cannot express enough how privileged I am for the players to allow LOCALFC to be the vehicle of change. I will never betray their trust and will always put them first. Together we will CHANGE THE GAME.

Created/Filmed/Edited by LOCALFC
Beats by Ric Rufio​

Check out the Full Version: http://www.localfc.com.au/bt90cfoord/