Most Wanted 2016 Trials (LOCALFC x Nike Football)

Sydney was the first stop on the ‘MOST WANTED’ Trials in Australia. Since then, MW has traveled to Newcastle, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Melbourne. In each city, young local footballers had one session to show their skills to be chosen as one of the finalists. After tomorrow, trials will be finished leaving a total of 30 finalists selected for the Finale back in Sydney. With two footballers going on to continue their journey to the Global Showcase, the ones who will stand out from the pack will be clear; they will be the ones who want it the most. Putting in the extra hours, training by yourself, doing drills, shooting at an empty net, all for this one opportunity to become the next Tom Rogic (Most Wanted/Nike Academy Alumni). In preparation for the finals or in anticipation of next year’s trials, we recommend training like the pros. Kick-start your training journey and take your game to the next level with the Nike Football App.