Nike Most Wanted Sydney

From the program that unearthed Tom Rogic, Nike Most Wanted Australian trials have kicked off. Beginning in Sydney last week, the trials held across Australia will all lead towards the Global Finals at the Nike Academy in St George’s Park later this year. For some this might be their last opportunity to make it, for others this could be an opportunity to prove that they should never have been underestimated, otherwise falling through the cracks. Being put through specific professional training drills and match play by the Nike coaching staff, it’s easy to spot the hopefuls who have put in the extra time; the ones who know these drills backwards; the ones who know their training journey is the biggest factor in their professional success. If you’re looking to improve your game, prepare for Most Wanted or make a bigger impact in your next 90 minutes, train like the pros and take your game to the next level with the Nike Football App. Stay tuned for updates.